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Gay and Lesbian Magazine Subscriptions

We have a great range of gay and lesbian magazine subscriptions available Worldwide! Save up to 60% on popular gay and lesbian magazine subscriptions. Scroll down and check out our Gay, Lesbian and GLBT Community Magazines - or choose one from our list and see how much you can save.

Subscribe to THE ADVOCATE
The Advocate is the national gay & lesbian newsmagazine which addresses the latest issues & breaking stories shaping the lives of gay and straight America. Important stories the mainstream press doesn't get. Inside access where outsiders can't go.

Subscribe to OUT MAGAZINE
This is a general interest magazine for gays and lesbians. Each issue includes journalism on culture, people and current issues. It is written for people who appreciate a different slant on everyday life and accept diversity as a given. Individual concerns are also addressed.

Subscribe to GENRE Magazine
Genre covers fashion, travel, and lifestyle issues for affluent gay men. It focuses on people and stories that are overlooked by the general media and by some other gay publications.

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