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Lesbian Non-Fiction Books Include - Lesbian Studies, Lesbian Studies/Culture, Lesbian Studies/History, Lesbian Studies/Theory, Legal Rights, Relationships, Lifestyle/Culture, Photography/Art, Self Help, Autobiography, Lesbian Literature Studies, Parenting, Sex Guides, Health, Religion

Lesbian Non-Fiction Books : Listed By Genre

    RainbowSauce now has over 400 books listed under Lesbian Non-Fiction. We've sorted the books into the categories below, apologies if any title is categorized incorrectly, we've done our best! Other books of lesbian interest can be found under GLBT Collective Non-Fiction Click Here for GLBT Non-Fiction. We hope you find RainbowSauce a useful media resource, Happy Browsing!

Our lesbian non-fiction books are now available from the USA, UK and Canada. You can click through any flag to read other reviews, see the price or read excerpts from the books in some cases.

You can now see all available books by any LGBT Author on Rainbowsauce simply by clicking on their name! If you wish to purchase any of the books featured on Rainbowsauce, simply click the flag that is most appropriate for you. If you can't find the book you're looking for, or simply want a book on another topic - try our live book search.

Lesbian Non-Fiction Books Index - RainbowSauce: Lesbian Resources
Lesbian Studies
Academic References, Social Studies, Personal Narratives & A Mixed Bag of Other Lesbian Studies Titles.
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Lesbian Studies - Culture
Essays on Lifestyle, Diverse Cultural Studies, Personal Experience Anthologies & Much More.
Lesbian Studies - History Books
Historical Studies - Including Cultural, Feminist Histories, Activism History and Various Other Historical Records.
Lesbian Studies - Theory
Psychological, Sociological, Feminist Theory, Diverse Academic References on Lesbian Theory.
[1 - 2 - 3]
Lesbian Relationships Books
Relationship Guides, Anthologies of Personal Narratives on Relationships & Sex, Self Help Guides & More.
[1 - 2]
Books on Lesbian Photography & Art
Photo Essays, Black and White Photography, Erotic Photography, Art Exhibits in Print & Much More.
Books on Lesbian Lifestyle & Culture
Titles on Aging and Other Personal Narratives. Travel Guides, Astrology, Social Guides, Humour & Much More.
[1 - 2]
Lesbian Self Help Books
Various Self Help Guides on Issues Including Health, Relationships, Lifestyle Issues, Psychological Issues & More.
Lesbian Autobiography & Biography
Autobiographies and Biographies on Famous Lesbians, Present and Past. Memoirs From Our Community & More.
[1 - 2]
Lesbian Literature Studies Books
Historical and Contemporary Lesbian Literature Studies, Literary Criticism , Theory & Much More.
[1 - 2]
Lesbian Parenting Books
Parenting Studies, Reference Books, Self Help Guides,  Baby Books & Much More.
[1 - 2]
Lesbian Sex Guides
Various Lesbian Sex Guides - Self Explanatory!
Books on Lesbian Health
Studies on Health Issues and Self Help Guides. Health References That Are Lesbian Specific.
Legal Rights Reference Books
Lesbian Inclusive Legal References, Self Help Legal Guides, Personal Narratives on Legal Issues & More.
Check out the GLBT Non-Fiction section for lesbian inclusive reference books!

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