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Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Fiction - General Fiction, Romance, Mystery/Thrillers, Humor/Humour, Drama, Poetry, Plays, Young Adult, Childrens Books, Erotic Fiction, Short Stories, Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Classic Fiction Books

GLBT Fiction Books Listed By Genre

RainbowSauce was put together as a media resource, making it easier to find LGBT genre film, music and books online - our Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Inclusive Fiction section is quite a diverse category, the books included here either don't fit strictly into the gay fiction or lesbian fiction categories, or are specifically bisexual or transgender themed. Rainbowsauce is also a great resource when looking for books by gay and lesbian authors!

 The GLBT Fiction section started out with 230 books (the separate gay and lesbian sections started with at least 300 books each), it now has over 400 great books to browse. These books are now available from the USA, Canada and the UK - with appropriate flags to click for reviews and purchase information! We'll be adding more as time goes on. Any suggestions for book titles to add in this section, especially bisexual and transgender themed novels, would be gratefully received - just email

GLBT Fiction Index - RainbowSauce: Queer Book Resources
General GLBT Fiction Books
Contemporary Lifestyle Fiction, Biographical Style Fiction, GLBT Characters & Themes.
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Classic GLBT Fiction Books
Early GLBT Fiction Books, including transgender themes and books including bisexuality.
GLBT Mystery & Thrillers
Detective Novels, Suspense Thrillers, Murder Mysteries and More.
GLBT Humor
Cartoons, Comics, Lifestyle Parodies, Comedic Novels, 'How To' Guides & More.
Queer Drama
Small Town Dramas, Lifestyle Drama, Heartbreak, Affairs, Homophobia & More.
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GLBT Poetry Books
Diverse Collections and Poets, Personal Poetry, Anthologies & More.
Books on Gay and Lesbian Plays
Gay and Lesbian Cultural Plays, Performance Art & More.
GLBT Young Adult Fiction Books
Coming Out, Coming of Age, Lifestyle, Teen Romance, Diversity & Acceptance.
Children's Books for Gay and Lesbian Parents
Educational Fiction, Teaching Young Kids Diversity, Same-Sex Parenting & More.
Erotic Fiction Books
Best Bisexual Erotica, Best Transgender Erotica, Erotic Anthologies & More.
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Gay and Lesbian Short Stories Books
Collections of Shorts, Diverse Topics, Diverse Authors, GLBT Lifestyle & More.
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GLBT Sci-Fi & Fantasy Novels
Futuristic Thrillers, Fantasy Romance, Action Adventures, Vampire Fiction, Horror Fiction & More.
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Webmasters Note

Researching this section took a fair amount of time, the books within were often hard to categorize and book titles themselves hard to find. All Book covers in the LGBT Inclusive Fiction section link to the US Amazon, however most books are available from the USA, the UK and Canada, we've provided flag links to each source.

Book Descriptions under all titles are just to give you an idea of the general nature of each book, apologies if any title is categorized incorrectly, we've done our best! You can now click on any author in LGBT fiction and see a up-to-date complete listing of the books they've published - hopefully that will make Rainbowsauce an even better resource when looking for queer authors and content.

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