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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the information you want in the individual areas on this website, perhaps your question has been answered here. If not, please e-mail webmaster@rainbowsauce.com with your question.


Q. What is Rainbowsauce.com?
A. Rainbowsauce is a collection of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender media. The main aim is to promote GLBT authors/books, however, we also have queer film, music, community magazines, comedy cd's, gay and lesbian pride graphics, pride jewellery and other queer gear! The purpose of Rainbowsauce is to show the truly diverse media that comes from the GLBTQ community. 

Q. Why do I need a password to view the free pride graphics?
A. People were linking directly to our free graphics instead of saving them for use on their own website, this direct linking was starting to drain our website's resources and pushing up the costs of keeping Rainbowsauce online :o(

Q. Why is Rainbowsauce affiliated with Amazon.com?
A. They have the largest range of gay and lesbian reading available online - that was the key. By linking to the various Amazon sites, we're able to introduce visitors to a truly diverse range of GLBT media.

Q. If I click through your site to buy something from Amazon, does it add anything to the price?
A. Not at all! We've just made the searching process much easier - we may also introduce you to gay and lesbian authors, musicians and films you've never seen before. Rainbowsauce receives only 5% of sales made through Amazon - barely enough to cover webhosting costs.

Q. Problems with Book Categories, Reviews etc
A. GLBT Genre Books are so Diverse - we have done our best to categorize them correctly, but of course, they often fit into more than one category. Time has been taken to ensure all things are categorized correctly, but sometimes there are errors. Where Amazon has not supplied reviews/information on any title, we have searched the web to verify of its relevance for our listings.

Q. Who chooses the items displayed on the website?
A. Often, listings are just based on availability - we search the US, UK and Canadian websites for:
VIDEOS, we've tried to list every known/available film in the gay and lesbian genre.
DVDS, we've listed as many titles as possible as not all films are on DVD as yet - or available in all regions.
BOOKS, we've listed many featured books in each category, we'll be adding more as time goes by. 
MUSIC CDs, We've listed a select group of artists we think you might enjoy - adding more all the time.

Q. I have a problem with an item I purchased from Amazon...?
A. Please see Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk - whichever site you purchased the item from. The administrators of RainbowSauce.com, Turtlewebs.com  hold no responsibility for any problems with Amazon transactions.

Q. My fave film/book/cd isn't listed, can you add it to your listings?
A. If it suits, sure! Send any suggestions to webmaster@rainbowsauce.com


Q. If I buy through this website, who am I buying from?
A. Four different sellers depending on what you wish to purchase -
(1. Amazon.com - USA
(2. Amazon.co.uk - UK
(3. Amazon.ca - Canada
(4. Samantha McIvor - Turtlewebs/RainbowSauce - Australia

Q. Your videos/DVDs/music cd's/books etc don't have any prices?
A. Amazon is constantly discounting its prices or offering deals on multiple video purchases, so we would be constantly changing along with Amazon - It's much easier for you to click through to Amazon itself to see what deals they have going price-wise - unless you search with our new search facility, it shows results with prices.
Note: If you search any author link or use our live search boxes - reviews and prices will be shown!!

Q. What currency are the various items in?
*At Amazon.com and Amazon.ca for videos (NTSC), region 1 DVDs, books and music cd's - all prices are in US and Canadian Dollars.
*For PAL videos at Amazon.co.uk and region 2 DVDs - all prices are in Pounds Sterling.
*Products such as gift items/incense/Jewellery purchased directly from this website - all prices are listed in Australian and US Dollars.

Q. I have some questions regarding my purchases or intended purchases of videos - DVDs - books - cd's, can you help me?
A. Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk have extensive help sections for all issues with their products.

For Amazon.com help please click here

For Amazon.co.uk help, please click here

For any questions about products for sale directly from this website, e-mail sales@rainbowsauce.com


Q. Why are some products only available in certain areas?
A. Although with videos we have managed to get around format problems by linking to Amazon.co.uk (PAL) AND Amazon.com (NTSC), DVDs through Amazon.com and Amazon.ca are categorized as Region 1 (USA and Canada only). Amazon.co.uk carries Region 2 encoding (Europe, Middle East & Japan only).  Unfortunately these are the only DVDs we will be able to stock. Apologies to buyers outside these areas. (Multi Region DVD players are of course, able to purchase any of the DVDs available.)


Q. I received a different product than the one I ordered.....?
A. Products purchased through Amazon.com, Amazon.ca or Amazon.co.uk are their responsibility, please contact Amazon itself, RainbowSauce.com and Turtlewebs.com are not responsible for any errors by Amazon.com. Products purchased directly through this website, including the gifts and Jewellery section, please contact us. However all orders will be double checked before posting :o)

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