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Welcome to Our Global Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Book Section

Our book section is now becoming a valuable LGBT Author database - every author's name listed on Rainbowsauce is going to be a live link to all of their books!!

The Hours
by Michael Cunningham
Buy It!

For the Canadian Gay Community - we've partnered up with Amazon.ca so we can provide Queer Canadian content!! All books now have links to Britain, the USA and Canada - you can see what queer reads are available internationally!!

If you, like me, walk into your local bookstore and find no GLBT Books at all, RainbowSauce is the perfect resource in GLBT reading for you. Here, we're listing over 2000 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Books for you to browse, from Britain, Canada and the USA, we've separated the titles into Fiction and Non-Fiction - then into specific genres/categories.

We aim to have the largest gay and lesbian book listing online, with all books available from the USA, Canada and Britain all on one website you have more chance of finding the specific queer content you're looking for. All of our books are listed alphabetically by Author and all books open in a new window for easier browsing of RainbowSauce.

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Click here for the Lesbian Genre Fiction Index

Click here for the Lesbian Genre Non-Fiction Index
Lesbian fiction is filled to the brim with lesbian romance novels, poetry, short stories, lesbian erotica, dyke detectives, fantasy fiction, classic lesbian pulp novels, general fiction and a lot more. Lesbian non-fiction contains a diverse range of reading in lesbian studies, books on lesbian identity, biographies, lesbian history and culture, lesbian specific self help books, lesbian inclusive legal rights, parenting and much more.
Click here for the Gay Genre Fiction Index Click here for the Gay Genre Non-Fiction Index
Gay fiction section section includes general fiction, poetry by queer poets, gay erotica, mysteries and thrillers (gay detective fiction), romance novels, young adult fiction and a lot more. Gay non-fiction includes many books in gay studies and theory, gay male history and culture, legal rights and parenting, gay autobiographies, homoerotic art and photography, health, sex guides and much more.
Click here for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Fiction Index Click here for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Non-Fiction Index
GLBT fiction is made up of bisexual fiction, transgender fiction and mixed gay and lesbian fiction books. This section isn't as large as the gay and lesbian sections, but will be added to as much as possible in the future. GLBT non-fiction section has separate bisexual and transgender sections as well as mixed glbt inclusive books. Its one of our largest book sections covering topics such as history, culture, self help, parenting, legal rights, queer theory, biographies, health, sex guides and much more.
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Webmaster's Note

The RainbowSauce book section was designed to make finding GLBT reading on Amazon much easier. Amazon had categorized many books incorrectly, leaving them out of the Gay and Lesbian book section altogether, I've found them and added them here. When researching the glbt books section, I found Queer book lists that listed novels that had very little queer content, minor characters with little or no relevance to the book. I've left them out of our listings - preferring to only list titles that have clear homosexual characters/content. Unlike single sex sites or single genre sites, I've chosen to cover both fiction and non-fiction with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender content. Here I've provided a comprehensive listing of authors and titles available today - covering all aspects of the diverse glbt genre.
Our Book Site Map

The Gay, Lesbian and GLBT Inclusive Fiction books are sorted into: General Fiction, Romance, Mystery and Thrillers, Humor, Drama, Poetry, Plays, Young Adult, Children's Books, Erotic Fiction, Short Stories, Sci-Fi and Fantasy and Classic Fiction.

The Gay, Lesbian, and GLBT Inclusive Non-Fiction books are sorted into: Gay Studies, Gay Studies/Culture, Gay Studies/History, Gay Studies/Theory, Lesbian Studies, Lesbian Studies/Culture, Lesbian Studies/History, Lesbian Studies/Theory, GLBT Studies, GLBT Studies/Culture, GLBT Studies/History, GLBT Studies/Theory, Transgender Studies, Transgender Studies/Theory, Bisexual Studies, Bisexual Studies/Theory, Legal Rights, Relationships, Lifestyle and Culture, Photography and Art, Self Help, Autobiography, Literature Studies, Parenting, Sex Guides, Health and Religion.


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